Vinfinity Sustainability Fund

Vingruppen sustainable action fund!

8,000 years should be just the beginning...It is time to act. We want to be trailblazers for sustainability in the wine industry. We believe partnership is the best leadership. That is why we created Vinfinity.

What is Vinfinity?

Vinfinity is a fund founded 2021 by Vingruppen i Norden. Vinfinity exist to support wine partners and clients in creating a sustainable value chain for wine. Vinfinity is part of Vingruppen I Norden´ s long-term sustainability strategy From Grape to Glass.

The fund will annually invest in several sustainability projects that accelerate the speed to reach Vingruppen i Norden´s sustainability goals: Sustainable production and farming, Sustainable consumption and becoming a climate positive business by latest 2030. The investments will include projects for sustainable infrastructure and agriculture projects that contributes to a circular, resource efficient and fossil-free value chain.

Our investment

Vingruppen i Norden has put a price on CO2e to capture and manage the external costs of greenhouse gas emissions (GHG). Vingruppen i Norden´s carbon pricing in part of the company´s overall cost calculation. This is the basis of the fund. Each year money will be set of into the fund and new projects will be identified to invest in. This is our way to accelerate change, by converting our impact into monetary terms and invest it in long-lasting sustainable solutions. When the fund is empty – we have succeeded.


Priority will be given to projects that:

  • Contribute to Vingruppen´s Sustainability Goals and the UN Sustainable Developments Goals.
  • Deliver a positive return on investments for all stakeholders involved in the project.
  • Relevant and interesting to our clients and provide tangible stories.

...and focus on

  • Wine producer/ supplier led implementations and/or experiments for new equipment's and knowledge.
  • Improved working conditions and community contribution activities.
  • Resource efficiency and use of renewable materials in production to minimize climate emissions.
  • Biodiversity projects within a landscape / wine growing area.
  • Ensuring protection of water resources in the local community.
  • Phasing out and reducing toxic chemicals in farming practices.
  • Any other projects that help our suppliers and producers to meet the goals of the Agenda 2030 and Vingruppen' s long-term sustainability goals.